“The WODies are amazing for eliminating rips and protecting my wrist. I have been using them for bar and rig work for relief! The nubs are also fantastic, no more taping required.”

– Christmas Abbott

“The added wrist support with the hand protection is innovative and very effective!”

– Becca Voigt (7 Times Games Athlete, Coach)

“Love my nubs, wouldn’t workout without them!”

– @JenWiderstrom (NBC’s Biggest Loser Trainer)

“Just hangin out at the gym thinking how much I really love my nubs, thanks to @JerkFit for keeping my thumbs happy. I used to use tape alllll the time and had the worst yellow, nasty, calluses. Now I won’t even spend a dime on tape and prefer my nubs. Try them out you’ll love them!”

 – @cassidy_lance (Top 10 Games Athlete)

“Overhead #SQUATS made easier thanks to @JerkFit’s #WODIES”

– @AudreyZone

“Best accessory ever for working out. Don’t know how I did it before these things. #WODies @JerkFit #DoWork”

– @MikeHamblin

“Because clean and jerks and kettlebell snatches are better with #WODIES! Oh my hands and thumbs are so happy #NUBS #JERKFIT #GIRLSWHOLIFT”

– @London_vb

“Unfortunately we ripped on some gymnastics but our #NUBS from @JerkFit kept us going during a partner relay of #GRACE and #ISABEL” 

-BertoLifts and @JillyAndTheGym

“I finally completed a #MUSCLEUps #WOD without ripping thanks to my #WODIES.”

– @bhugh27

“@Hugo_Boss91 – @JerkFit the #NUBS are working wonders I can’t imagine lifting without these. If you tape your thumbs check them out @InlandEmpireBarbell @TheOutlawWay”

– @Hugo_Boss91